Benefits of Summer Cleaning

A man cleaning a floor

Winter and spring are not the only seasons that require deep cleaning in offices, facilities, retail stores, or warehouses. Summer is the perfect time for an extensive cleaning session by a professional janitorial company. Summertime also brings with it seasonal allergies due to dust, pollen, and other allergens. Let’s look into some of the benefits…

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Looking to Hire a Cleaning Company? Things To Know Before Signing a Contract

A person wearing gloves and cleaning a table with a spray and tissue paper  

Hygiene, cleanliness, and sanitization is extremely important for a business. Whether it’s a retail store, office space or a warehouse, regular maintenance and care is crucial for business retention and customer and employee safety. A clean and hygienic surrounding helps a company stand out and be known for its values and ethics. Are you looking…

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Importance of Sanitizing High Touch Surfaces

A person cleaning a table with a laptop, coffee, calculator, and pen on top.

With the hybrid work model in effect, many employers are welcoming their staff back into the office. Many people are still vigilant about maintaining social distance and safety protocols when they are gathered in a place. Whether it’s an office, a store, a healthcare facility, or a warehouse, it is very important to sanitize and…

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Importance And Benefits Of A Clean Matting System

A cleaned lobby area

Matting plays an important role when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of an interior and it’s flooring. Studies show, that when customers, clients, or employees enter a building, the first thing they notice is the floor. If the floor and the matting system is dirty, it detracts from the overall impression of…

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Spring Cleaning: Why You Need a Professional Cleaning Company

A person cleaning the table

Spring is here and many companies and offices are gearing for the new season by choosing to do some spring cleaning. Spring is a great time to refresh your business facility and you can spruce up the interior and exterior with the help of a professional cleaning company. Whether you have a large office or…

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Carter Benette Cleaning Group: Fully Engaged Multi-Location Service Provider

A group of people jotting down notes

Carter Benette’s fully engaged approach to cleaning has helped evolve our business from humble beginnings to becoming one of Canada’s premier janitorial and cleaning companies. Our tailored-made solutions have supported some of Canada’s largest and most respected companies. With expertise, proper processes and advanced methodologies Carter Benette has been able to provide effective cleaning services…

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Great People Management Leads to Better Cleaning Results

A man and a woman discussing something on the board

Creating a great people management process in an organization makes all the difference between good, mediocre, and great performance. A system that focuses on putting its people first helps enable accountability, resourcefulness, and a sense of responsibility. For Carter Benette Group, these elements of work ethic are integral to  commercial cleaning business successes and end-to-end…

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Why Great Supplier Relationships Are Integral To Success

A man and a woman with their laptops

For business success, relationships play an integral role. Companies do not operate in a silo and each business finds itself in the middle of relationships, whether it is with employees, clients, or suppliers. Raw material, products, services, or other supplies, everything adds value to the result and goals. At Carter Benette Group, supplier relations are…

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Why Employee Engagement Matters in Commercial Cleaning

A woman rating her day

High levels of employee engagement result in improved performance. When an employee feels engaged, valued, and motivated, they will be able to achieve their cleaning targets and optimal level of performance. If communication and engagement is strong across an organization there will be less confusion around cleaning goals and priorities. That can also lead to…

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