Fighting the Spread of COVID‑19 by Maintaining Clean Spaces

The Carter Benette Group Deep Disinfection and Pandemic Cleaning helps you create a safe building for your customers and employees.

The Carter Benette Group

Early evidence suggests COVID-19 can live on objects and surfaces from a few hours to days. A critical-level of cleaning is required to ensure the safety and protection of customers and employees.

All CBG Cleaners who perform disinfection and pandemic cleaning are trained using the recommended guidelines provided by Health Canada for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces (COVID-19).

We provide:

  • Health Canada approved COVID-19 killing chemicals.
  • ULV Electrostatic Foggers/sprayers.
  • Level 1 Personal Protection Equipment including N95 masks and full coveralls.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly disinfection.
  • Clean-zone decals for display