The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet. Do you know the 5 P’s?

What are the 5 P’s for your business? Proper Preparations Prevent Poor Performance. Every business owner needs to make sure their office, facility or warehouse is well kept, clean, hygienic, and sanitized. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of cleanliness and staying prepared for emergencies that require an immediate response. Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with your professional cleaning company is crucial. The need to adapt, scale and accommodate unexpected circumstances requires communication, transparency, and trust. What are the 5 P’s that can help business owners navigate the new cleaning protocols and changes during the pandemic? The 5 P’s stand for Proper Preparations Prevent Poor Performance.

Here is why being proactive and prepared can help:

Unexpected circumstances

The cleanliness of a facility, office, or building can help prevent the spread of diseases, germs, and bacteria. Maintaining a cleaning schedule with your cleaning company can ensure your business facility remains clean and hygienic. But what happens when you face unexpected circumstances? There may be days when you are faced with unprecedented circumstances like construction work in or around the office, inventory management or other minor fixes that leave a trail of dirt, debris, and dust. Dust is one of the most common allergens that can affect your employee’s health and well-being. It is during these unexpected times when the professionalism of a cleaning company can help and keep your surroundings clean.

COVID-19 protocols

Keeping customers, employees, clients, or visitors safe at all times should be second nature for your business. To ensure the safety, hygiene and cleanliness of your office and facility, following the new COVID-19 cleaning protocols has become mandatory. With many employees heading back to the workplace with safety protocols and social distancing, the need for a cleaning company to be there when needed has also become a requirement. If you have a good relationship with your janitorial company, you will have already gone through the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that outlines and states quality control measures, responding to concerns and meeting expectations. Creating a Service Level Agreement can help business owners navigate unexpected circumstances and stay prepared for different situations.

Ensuring safety measures

Safety measures can help promote a sense of security and well-being. Being prepared for every situation also provides peace of mind. Everyone appreciates cleanliness and hygiene. A proper janitorial cleaning service can protect a facility, office, or store against unwanted germs and dirt. With proper services, they can enhance employee productivity and encourage customers to come back. A well-organized, trained, and professional cleaning company will be armed with the essentials to provide the best services at all times.

At the Carter Benette Group, we have what it takes to keep you safe. We are well stocked with Covid-19 disinfection chemicals that can help ensure your office, facility or store is clean, sanitized, and disinfected with the right tools and industry-approved chemicals. All CBG cleaners who perform disinfection and pandemic cleaning are trained using the recommended guidelines provided by Health Canada for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces (COVID-19). Are you looking to hire a professional commercial cleaning service? Contact Carter Benette Group today for a free consultation on your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs.



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