Why Employee Engagement Matters in Commercial Cleaning

High levels of employee engagement result in improved performance. When an employee feels engaged, valued, and motivated, they will be able to achieve their cleaning targets and optimal level of performance. If communication and engagement is strong across an organization there will be less confusion around cleaning goals and priorities. That can also lead to adapting faster to change and necessary pivots for different cleaning requirements. Increased employee engagement allows professional cleaners to perform better at their jobs resulting in overall job satisfaction.

It is important to understand what employee engagement is and how to apply it to a workplace for effective results. Measuring engagement helps achieve long-term goals for business success.

What is the value of engagement?

Employee engagement is a human resources concept that describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels towards a job. The more engaged an employee is at work, the better their performance will be. For a cleaning company, an engaged professional cleaner will work towards an optimal performance goal especially if they are armed with the right tools and techniques. For an ambitious employee, work is more than a paycheque. When they know their dedication is being recognized and acknowledged, they will feel like an instrumental part of the company’s success. In return, employers can encourage engagement through effective communication, offering incentives and discussing career advancement.

How to apply improved employee engagement?

Employee surveys

When a company asks its employees for their opinions, they are looking to find ways of improvement. Data can be leveraged to influence key performance metrics at any level of an organization. Employee surveys can be made effective by being specific, relevant, and actionable. For example, if the cleaner is working in industrial premises, their feedback can help improve cleaning processes for niche areas of business. Managers and employees should feel empowered to make a difference in their work environment.

Employee recognition

How can a company influence the underlying factors for employee engagement? One of the most effective ways is to understand a company’s culture and how it translates to an employee’s work ethic. Providing strategic recognition to an employee creates an opportunity for them to grow and develop professionally. Strategic recognition also gives senior management a window into the health and culture of a company and how it is affecting its employees.

Employee experience

Employees share their work experiences with their family and friends. This experience gets carried around by word of mouth. Engaged employees tend to develop an emotional connection to their job and company, especially when they are immersed in professional development and being recognized for it. When a professional cleaning company hires a new cleaner and they start a new assignment, they may have questions about tools or methodologies. Open communication and access to information help employees learn and grow. Higher employee engagement sets a cleaning business up for success by enabling efficiency and productivity. Moreover, high levels of engagement with employees helps them feel valued and respected leading to an efficient cleaning performance every time.

At Carter Benette, we enable our employees to work in a healthy environment that promotes teamwork, relationship building and improved morale. Do you need more information about our services or our processes? Visit our website or call us at 1 (888) 588-2188.


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