Why Great Supplier Relationships Are Integral To Success

For business success, relationships play an integral role. Companies do not operate in a silo and each business finds itself in the middle of relationships, whether it is with employees, clients, or suppliers. Raw material, products, services, or other supplies, everything adds value to the result and goals.

At Carter Benette Group, supplier relations are just as important as customer relationships. At the most basic level, suppliers provide all those tools, resources and materials that are needed to run a business. For a cleaning company, a strong and healthy supplier relationship helps achieve targets. The better the relationship with the supplier, the more efficiently a janitorial company can operate because they will be well-stocked and armed with the essential items required for cleaning purposes.

Building strong relationships with suppliers means thinking about procurement that includes purchase agreements and contracts. Good people management helps form and nurture these relations that are crucial for business success. What are some of the relationship foundations that can help?

Focus on Quality

A healthy or poor relationship with suppliers can positively or negatively affect the quality of products and processes. High quality of products increases customer satisfaction which directly impacts a professional cleaning company’s goals and targets. Even a professional cleaner will feel confident when they have the proper tools, products and product know-how when working on different tasks and assignments.


It is also crucial to keep suppliers up to date with any promotional offers, new products, changes in strategies or key personnel. This communication and transparency help foster a healthy relationship. Creating channels of communication helps a cleaning company tackle unexpected obstacles and if any arise, they can be resolved in a timely and professional manner.

Providing lead time

Providing suppliers with adequate lead time on orders can help prevent potential supply issues. During the ongoing pandemic when safety and cleanliness is everyone’s top priority, a professional cleaning company can guarantee timely services only if they are armed with the products and tools required. Sharing honest projections of needs with your supplier can keep them abreast of any changes in estimation or demands. An organized janitorial company that is knowledgeable about its supplier’s production methods and needs will be able to communicate effectively to prevent unnecessary delays or obstacles.

Respect and trust

Mutual respect and willingness between a cleaning company and supplier maximizes the interests of both parties involved. Sharing pertinent information, being transparent about goals and fairness ensures benefits. Creating and finding innovative ways to work on problems and solve them together is an important part of nurturing a healthy relationship for continued success.


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work. To make a client and supplier relationship successful, it is important to keep up with the changing trends and to prepare for agile methods of working together. Suppliers want regular, reliable customers because repeat orders give them stability. Part of a good communications strategy is to hold regular discussions about arrangements so both parties are in the loop.

Professional cleaning companies have high standards because their work impacts the health, hygiene and safety of premises and its occupants. A janitorial company can be rightfully demanding with its suppliers because resources are key to attaining goals and objectives. Holding suppliers to their agreements helps increase competitiveness and encourages a better quality of cleaning every time.

At Carter Benette, we are advocates for great business practices and absolute integrity in all our relationships as it impacts the environment, our customers, and our people. As a national provider of cleaning services, we uphold the highest standards for environmental stewardship, operational transparency, and empowering organizational culture. Do you need more information about our services or our processes? Visit our website or call us at 1 (888) 588-2188.

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