5 Reasons you should hire a professional cleaning company

Are you in charge of facilities management or procurement? Wondering who you should hire for janitorial and commercial cleaning services? You may be delaying the decision because it seem there are too many options. Maybe you are not sure how to evaluate one company over another. What impact would picking a great janitorial company have on your business, its reputation, and the health of your employees and clients?

Here are 5 reasons why should hire a professional cleaning service today!

Quality cleaning services

Qualified cleaning companies hire employees who are trained to do the job properly. Diligent cleaners know about the products, techniques, and cleaning methods that will leave your office clean and safe. No matter what the size of the office or company is, a reliable cleaning company will know how to manage and clean a large area. Quality cleaning service requires a staff who is experienced and well trained to do a thorough job. A professional cleaning company can help.

Importance of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

An SLA lists all the essential actions for which a cleaner is responsible and accountable. The agreement also outlines the areas a cleaner is supposed to clean and how frequently the cleaning is to be done. The more detailed their SLA is, the better as expectations are clear and defined in the document. A well-drafted SLA includes a description of services, expected service levels, evaluation form, duties, the penalty of breach and other protocols that can help achieve an optimal level of cleaning experience.

Best practices

If you have thought about hiring your own janitorial staff after purchasing the equipment, keep in mind you will need to provide the proper training and education. You would also need to teach them how to safely operate the equipment or how to use the cleaning supplies. But do you really want to be liable if anything goes out of control? Why would you take the added responsibility and stress when a professional cleaning company can handle everything using best practices?

Proper tools

A professional cleaning company uses the right tools and the proper chemicals to clean efficiently. They also train their employees to use the chemicals and the cleaning tools, so they understand the functionality and usage. A reliable janitorial company also ensures regular follow-ups with their staff for product training. Updated training reflects industry standards and regular updates can help maintain that standard.

Productive environment

Employees can not work in unhygienic surroundings. They will be worried, concerned, or anxious about their health and safety. Hiring a professional cleaning service prevents unnecessary distractions that will keep employees from being and feeling productive. Ensuring a company or an office’s cleanliness will boost your employee’s or client’s morale. Regular cleaning helps keep surroundings hygienic, and visitors/ employees will feel respected and cared for.

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