Carter Benette Cleaning Group: Fully Engaged Multi-Location Service Provider

Carter Benette’s fully engaged approach to cleaning has helped evolve our business from humble beginnings to becoming one of Canada’s premier janitorial and cleaning companies. Our tailored-made solutions have supported some of Canada’s largest and most respected companies. With expertise, proper processes and advanced methodologies Carter Benette has been able to provide effective cleaning services to businesses with multi-locations, corporate offices as well as specialised retail locations. Read more about our services and how we cater to different businesses. Here are some key elements when it comes to achieving deliverables:

Assessment and Inspection

By employing the proper controls and methods, we inspect your building using our proprietary 4senses Needs Assessment™, a 150-point audit that establishes the operational framework for our business. By investing in the right technology and proper people management, Carter Benette has been able to serve businesses with multi locations. Providing optimal service to each location is crucial for continued success and to achieve consistent cleaning targets. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, Carter Benette Group strives to be a leader in innovative and adaptive solutions:

  • Mobile Cleaner Dial-In App
  • Web-Based Psychographic of a Great Cleaner Profiler© Form
  • State-of-the-art equipment including electrostatic foggers, UV light sterilizers, Imaging technology for microbial contamination

Service Level Agreement

A well-drafted Service Level Agreement (SLA) is key and becomes the foundation of a solid cleaning commitment. It is important to understand the importance of an SLA when signing up for multi-location cleaning services. An SLA is a shared understanding between the building manager and the cleaning team of what will be delivered. It provides a measurable standard for evaluating results by detailing components such as areas to clean, tasks involved, and the frequency of the work. A well-tailored SLA ensures that good people using good processes will produce great results! A professional cleaning company will ask you for yours and offer to build one for you in its absence. As a business owner or manager, it is crucial that you check in with the progress and ask for adjustments. Part of good onboarding is to establish weekly and monthly reviews and using your SLA will give you a roadmap to measure performance.

Transition Plan

After signing an SLA, it is crucial to ask your cleaning company for their transition plan. A smooth transition is an essential aspect of onboarding. The aim is to minimize stress in the workplace and allow you to keep your business focused. A good plan will include a pre-walk with the site manager, a review of operational requirements such as times to start, keys/code access, and the delivery of supplies. It also will include introductions to the new cleaning teams, designating a contact person and scheduling walk-throughs. Our cleaning team does not lose sight of the eventual goal because we do not sub-contract, sell contracts, assign, use 3rd party companies, or franchise out. This streamlined process allows for transparency, communication, control of SLA, value mark-up and fair pay. With a strong transition plan and a cohesive, focused and engaged team there is no confusion around cleaning goals and priorities. That can also lead to adapting faster to change and necessary pivots for different cleaning requirements. We believe a great process leads to increased employee engagement which helps professional cleaners to perform better at their jobs resulting in overall job satisfaction.

Proactive Team

A good cleaning company is interested in serving you. With effective communication, transparency, and engagement, we are able to move from a problem to a solution quickly. Being proactive in managing expectations helps us achieve our cleaning targets and business relationships. Our professionally trained staff can handle cleaning chemicals, supply professional-grade equipment and are certified in all safety requirements. This training also includes knowing how to perform ergonomic cleaning, the skill required to tackle the most challenging jobs effectively and efficiently. The right company for has skilled and well-supported people. Through our quality management program (Q.M.P.), We provide our clients with an exceptional cleaning experience.

By keeping the cleaning business simple, human and by offering detailed, innovative and well-tailored janitorial solutions, we consider ourselves one of Canada’s best janitorial companies. Are you looking to hire a professional commercial cleaning service? Contact Carter Benette Group today for a free consultation on your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs. Visit our website or call us at 1 (888) 588-2188.

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