How a Service Level Agreement can help avoid problems

Emphasis on quality is essential for cleaning services and processes. It helps a company’s reputation while maintaining a competitive edge in the market. An important requirement for a company’s success, in the long run, is dependent on ongoing quality control. When a customer expects high levels of quality each time, how can a cleaning company measure its successes, achievements or areas for improvement?

A well-drafted Service Level Agreement (SLA) can help. Here is how:

Define quality control

Cleaning companies define quality control systems that are used to determine service and quality levels. But if a company does not measure how the system is working it will not be able to make improvements. An essential part of defining quality control is to establish measurable goals. One of the goals is to implement new and improved procedures and a Service Level Agreement can help attain those objectives.

Responding to concerns

When a cleaning company signs an agreement with a client, they also respond to unforeseen circumstances such as spills, broken glass, or other emergencies that require thorough cleaning. A well-drafted SLA can include all details so the cleaning company and the client can be on the same page with all expectations. Defining a customer’s needs and expectations can help maintain a stable relationship between the two parties involved.

Meeting customer expectations

The best way to manage a customer’s expectations is to provide information about cleaning processes and mechanisms. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, defining expectations and meeting targets has become more important than ever. Performance expectations relate to how a service is expected to change in specific circumstances. For example, businesses may have shifted to providing curbside pickups or online orders only, but many still prefer to stick to regular cleaning schedules to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Transparency, communication, and consistency are important when defining values, goals, and mechanisms through a Service Level Agreement. Do you need more information about how we create our SLA agreement at the Carter Benette Group?

Using our proprietary 4SenSeS™Needs Assessment Audit, we use fresh eyes, ears, nose and hands to inspect our buildings, pinpointing key areas for improvement and repair. Using our P.D.M.A.T. Quality Management Plan, which includes tailored SLA’s and detailed performance metrics. We (P)repare, (D)esign, (M)easure ,(A)ction and (T)ransform your spaces thereby positively impacting the user’s experience. Our comprehensive Janitorial offering, including 24-hour disaster recovery service, empowers our customers to “Leave It to Us”, allowing them to focus on their primary business.

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