Great People Management Leads to Better Cleaning Results

Creating a great people management process in an organization makes all the difference between good, mediocre, and great performance. A system that focuses on putting its people first helps enable accountability, resourcefulness, and a sense of responsibility. For Carter Benette Group, these elements of work ethic are integral to  commercial cleaning business successes and end-to-end processes. A holistic approach that considers talent acquisition, talent optimization and retention help provide continued support for our cleaning success and also guides employees to grow in their capabilities.


For a professional janitorial company, communication and comprehension go hand in hand when it comes to creating effective people management techniques. Open channels of communication facilitate professional growth, help cleaners understand methods, and open room for feedback. It is equally beneficial for a proper people management system to understand their employee’s personalities, their motivation and their career goals. When a professional cleaner understands the tools and techniques, they will be able to provide optimal cleaning service every time. No matter how big or small business operations are, transparency and open dialogue promote better performance.


Managing an effective people process within an organization or company involves acknowledging that employees do not work in a silo. Each professional cleaner may be performing their own duty when given a task, but with collaboration and communication, they can achieve optimal results. Success is inherently a team function. With the wide range of collaborative tools available, managers can help educate and inform their employees about the best practices of excellent cleaning services. Adding value to the process of work also multiplies chances of success. No matter how granular a cleaning task is, it always has a compounding effect on the larger vision for the organization or company.

Problem Solving

Every company hires employees for different departments and roles. When so many people come together it becomes important to establish and set a tone of respect, commitment, and loyalty within the group. Problem solving or conflict resolution comes from a healthy dialogue and good people management is always focused on great communication. At Carter Benette Group (CBG) embracing diversity is one of our most vital assets. Social equity, diversity, inclusion, social justice, and fair labour practices are not just metrics; they are gifts. Our commitment to the 95% + diverse mix of genders, races, religions, orientations, and languages gives us an incredibly talented pool of people and is a true expression of what it is to be Canadian. To be a high performing organization, we continuously foster an inclusive work culture that maintains an environment that embraces our nation’s diversity.

Performance management

In an effective performance management system, there is a continuous feedback loop and communication between managers and their employees. This helps to ensure the achievement of strategic objectives of a professional janitorial company. These processes ensure that employees are performing efficiently throughout the year. Tracking performance creates room for improved cleaning methodologies and each cleaner’s professional growth. For a consistently strong people management system, evaluation is key. Tracking, analyzing, and evaluating findings drive a positive change in an organization. Often, motivation is tied to future-focused outlook that includes developmental opportunities. Authentic engagement and goal alignment are crucial for a cleaning company’s success and internal management systems.

At The Carter Benette Group, we strive to be leaders in innovative and adaptive solutions when it comes to commercial cleaning. We also make it possible for our employees and workers to believe in the same. We pride ourselves on our culture of team play, personal development and group collaboration and we offer a complete well-rounded culture of service that has proven successful with tried and tested methodologies. Do you need more information about our cleaning services or our processes? Visit our website or call us at 1 (888) 588-2188.

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