Benefits of Summer Cleaning

Winter and spring are not the only seasons that require deep cleaning in offices, facilities, retail stores, or warehouses. Summer is the perfect time for an extensive cleaning session by a professional janitorial company. Summertime also brings with it seasonal allergies due to dust, pollen, and other allergens. Let’s look into some of the benefits of summer cleaning:

Longer days

Summer is the season of long days and warmth. With the hybrid work schedule in effect, many employees will be found in the office a few times a week. How clean their environment is can potentially affect their work and performance. A clean environment also reflects the values of a company. During the pandemic, people have become sensitive about their environment. With summer around the corner and pandemic precautions in full effect, a clean and hygienic office will be a requirement and prerequisite for the return to office.

Longer days allow for a flexible cleaning schedule. Unlike winter when the days are shorter, summer days can help managers organize deep cleaning schedules with more flexibility. Deep cleaning involves meticulous ceiling-to-floor sanitation. It includes the thorough wiping and vacuuming of rooms, equipment and fixtures like walls, carpet and rugs, light fixtures, draperies and blinds, and air ducts. Warm weather and increased sunshine help different areas dry faster after a cleaning routine.

Outdoor life

People love being outdoors in summer. With the right janitorial services, you can achieve a clean, hygienic, and beautiful outdoor environment. Curb appeal is all about how your building looks from the outside. The exterior of a building determines the first impressions of visitors, employees or even a passerby! Customers are attracted to places that look and feel nice. Commercial cleaning and janitorial services can help you improve the look of your building and even helps increase its property value. A professional cleaning company uses the right equipment that helps target the messiest of dirt lodged in exterior walls, driveways, or side doors. Power washing or pressure washing can get rid of the most stubborn contaminants helping your exterior look clean and well-maintained. Whether your employees sit outside for lunch during summer or stand during a break, a hygienic atmosphere is always welcoming and safe to be in.

Allergy prevention

So many offices and retail spaces are closed environments where employees and customers spend their day in airconditioned spaces without an adequate circulation of fresh air. Being indoors all day without proper cleanliness can result in dust allergies and a general sense of unease. Cubicles, washrooms, kitchens and other common areas need regular cleaning for dust and allergy prevention. During summer a lot of dust also accumulates on the curtains and blinds and other hard-to-reach surfaces such as keyboards and crevices. Trained professional cleaners know how to clean some of the most frequently used items such as microwaves, coffee machines, fridges, and other similar items.

When it gets too hot, office interiors can become a hotbed of germs and bacteria, and these tend to grow at an increased rate. It is crucial to maintain cleanliness to prevent mold, mildew, bugs, germs, and viruses from spreading.

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