Benefits of a Service Level Agreement

Did you recently sign up with a new cleaning company? Did you ask the potential cleaning company or contractor to provide an SLA, also known as Service Level Agreement? An SLA lists all the essential actions for which a cleaner is responsible and accountable. The agreement also outlines the areas a cleaner is supposed to clean and how frequently the cleaning is to be done. The more detailed their SLA is, the better as expectations are clear and defined in the document and less is left to chance, interpretation and eventual conflict or disappointment.

Who provides the SLA?

As a general rule, most service providers have standard SLA’s. Some may even have more than one with various levels of services at different prices. If the company you have decided to hire has several SLA’s, it could be a good starting point for negotiation.

What’s included in the SLA?

The SLA includes:

  • description of services
  • their expected service levels
  • evaluation form or process to measure the service
  • duties and responsibilities of both parties
  • penalty of breach
  • protocols for adding or removing certain measurement methods

What are the important components of an SLA?

Two of the most important factors in a well drafted SLA are services and management.

Service: Service includes specific information about all services provided. If there are certain things that are excluded, those should be listed too. Service would also list the time slots for services provided as well as responsibility of each party.

Service management is the next step that benefits both parties involved. Management elements should include measurement standards, methods, reporting process, frequency, dispute resolution and a mechanism for updating the agreement, when needed.

What are some of the benefits of a Service Level Management?


If you are providing cleaning services to a company, the last thing you want is an unsatisfied customer or not achieving your goals. If a service target has been defined but has not been met, it can effect a company’s reputation and values. Service level management helps ensure achievable targets.

Process management

If the right processes are not implemented, tasks can go haywire and employees can feel demotivated. In order to manage matters related to service, it is imperative to have a clear-cut process management flow in place. By following these processes, your organization or company will have complete control over their service-related goals.


If team members do not know what they are accountable for, they do not feel motivated to achieve their goals. Accountability leads to improved results and enhanced focus. There is nothing worse than not knowing what the team members are accountable for. Service level management takes that into account and ensures the employees are aware of expectations and expected results.

What are some of your best practices for creating an effective SLA agreement? Do you need more information about how we create our SLA agreement at the Carter Benette Group? Visit our website or call us at 1 (888) 588-2188.



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