Leadership in the Commercial Cleaning Industry

The Carter Benette Group

What Can Engaged People Produce?

Absolutely Anything.

Our People Processes give us direct control of all our Labour. We use our Psychographics of a Great Cleaner profiler® to screen all our cleaners carefully. This 40 point grading system scrutinizes the personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles of all candidates. Its objective is to find cleaners of the highest integrity, character and commitment- A Fully Engaged Worker.

Empowering Our Workforce

CBG is a talent-centric culture. We look for and develop the best. We invest in our people by providing tools and support they need to succeed and grow.

  • Pictogram-Based Logbooks
  • On-demand Training Video Channel
  • 1-Minute to W.o.W. ™ Training
  • Profit Sharing programmes
  • Paid Training and Development Courses

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology

At The Carter Benette Group, we strive to be Leaders in innovative and adaptive solutions:

  • Mobile Cleaner Dial-In App
  • Web-Based Psychographic of a Great Cleaner Profiler© Form
  • State-of-the-art equipment including electrostatic foggers, UV light sterilizers, Imaging technology for microbial contamination.