Is your cleaning meeting the needs of 2021 and beyond? Why proper virus and germs protocols are not a luxury but a necessity

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people live and work. It has also changed the definition of cleanliness. Hygiene has become more important than ever and, in many ways, a priority. As employees return to work there will be an enhanced focus on the cleanliness and maintenance of offices and stores. Business owners will have to make sure they are ready to welcome employees back into the offices and clients into the stores again.

Here is why proper virus and germs control protocols are not just luxury but a necessity:

Deep cleaning

When a potential or existing customer walk into a building or office, they notice if the entrance is clean, if the interior smells nice, or if the bathrooms are sparkling clean. All these thoughts and observations become a part of the customer journey. Business owners can increase customer retention by thinking from the customer’s point of view and making sure they are taken care of. A professional cleaning company provides deep cleaning services using industry-grade products and equipment. They are trained to clean areas that are often neglected and to implement intensive cleaning procedures.

High touchpoints

Now, more than ever, people are looking at ways to deeply disinfect their homes and offices. High touchpoints (HTP) are those areas that are the most touched throughout the day. Did you know the dirtiest place in your office is not the toilet? Whether it is an office or a retail space, a contaminated high touchpoint can spell trouble if it is not cleaned and disinfected regularly. High touch surfaces or points include:

  • Doorknobs
  • Remote controls
  • Cell phones
  • Faucets
  • Keyboard
  • Light switches
  • Toilets
  • Counters
  • Fridge handle
  • Communal surfaces like tables, chairs, and benches

Targeted cleaning of these can help prevent the spread of germs. While it is a good practice to use sanitizer before touching any of these high-touch surfaces, regular and scheduled commercial cleaning services can help maintain hygiene. A professional cleaning company uses proper disinfectants and cleaning chemicals to maintain a clean space and to prevent cross-contamination.

Disinfection and sanitization

Regularly disinfecting and sanitizing workplaces, communal areas such as offices, and stores will be the new norm during and after the pandemic. As companies consider how to transition people back to the workplace or stores, the methods used to disinfect and sanitize must not only change, but they must also become more transparent and agile. Proper disinfection means using chemicals that can kill germs on all surfaces. It can also aid in lowering the risk of spreading infection. Sanitization also helps prevent the spread of germs and infections. It is a misconception that any cleaning chemical can help do this.

At the Carter Benette Group (CBG), cleaners who perform disinfection and pandemic cleaning are trained using the recommended guidelines provided by Health Canada for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces (COVID-19). Are you ready to welcome your employees back to the office or your customers back in the store?  Are you looking to hire a professional commercial cleaning service to get the job done properly? Contact Carter Benette Group today for a free consultation on your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs.


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