Your Commercial Cleaning. What are you getting?

A clean surrounding and welcoming atmosphere is essential to any business. It is a core ingredient that reflects on a company’s brand and reputation. How would you feel if you walked into a restaurant or your office where the cleanliness was questionable? Whether it is a client, customer, or a business partner, everyone believes in the importance of a safe, hygienic, and clean site.

Are you looking to hire a commercial cleaning company? Here is what you should consider before signing a contract:

Evaluate Experience

You have done your research and you have many options in front of you. Have you checked which company has the most experience? When studying potential cleaning companies, find out which one has a great performance score by simply googling them.  Do they have great industry references?  Does their website show their cleaning philosophy? A good cleaning company cares about ensuring safety, resolves issues quickly and has industry-best cleaning processes.

Define Expectations 

The next step is to ask more questions.

Once you have narrowed your choices, ask the potential cleaning company or contractor “do you have an SLA? Also, known as Service Level Agreement, the SLA lists all the essential tasks for which a cleaner is responsible. The agreement also outlines the areas a cleaner has agreed to clean and how frequently the cleaning is to be done. A simple example is, “sweep all the surfaces and grills, including bull noses and steps, daily”.

The more detailed their SLA the better,  as it creates expectations, defines them in the document and leaves less to chance, interpretation and eventual conflict.

Establish Measurements

After an SLA has been finalized, create an evaluation process.

The evaluation or performance measurement list will outline a ranking scale from 1 to 4, where each number will indicate the strength of work done. If the scale tips lower in the performance chart, it is time to evaluate the structure, give proper training or clarify any points that are causing confusion. It also reinforces communication and encourages partnership.

Go Deeper 

The best way to measure the effectiveness of a company is to see how the employees view their work. If you really want to find out if your cleaners are interested and engaged in their work, try inspecting janitor’s closet. Is it tidy? Are they taking care of their mops and tools by keeping them clean? Does it look like they take pride in their work? If the answer to that is NO, be prepared to face some challenges with the company’s performance.

Build a Process

A proper guidebook, training, and open communication can help your cleaning company perform effectively. Maintain a connection with your cleaning company and ask questions. If anything is unclear, ask for clarity. Outline your expectations and create a review process to evaluate performance.

If you are in a contract with a cleaning company, keep the communication open with the cleaners to facilitate dialogue. With an effective communication strategy that defines expectations, goals, and results, you can create a space that Drives Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement™.

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