Stewardship: Responsible Use and Protection of the Environment

Carter Benette believes in innovative strategies that promote a culture of service that is rooted in environmental safety. We know that it is easy to clean but cleaning responsibly requires commitment and values. We are advocates for great business practices and absolute integrity in all our relationships as it impacts the environment, our customers, and our people. As a national provider of cleaning services, we uphold the highest standards for environmental stewardship, operational transparency, and an empowering organizational culture.

Here is how we work to play a part in protecting the environment:

Energy efficiency

Today, many businesses make it a priority to consider how to reduce energy consumption in workplace.  Practicing energy efficient methodology is important to the Carter Benette Group. With planning and continued commitment, we find ways to conserve energy that reduce the impact on environment.

Eco-efficient equipment

By utilizing cutting-edge technology, we strive to adopt innovative and adaptive solutions such a state-of-the-art equipment including electrostatic foggers, UV light sterilizers, imaging technology for microbial contamination. Moreover, using HEPA filters is another step in our dedication to protect the environment. HEPA filters are environmentally friendly and will not emit any harmful bi-products into the atmosphere. Other types of air filters, such as ionic air filtration systems, release ozone as they process airflow. Using a HEPA filter will ensure that you are not breathing in or releasing any harmful materials or chemicals.

Eco-friendly certified chemicals

At Carter Benette, we use Health Canada approved 100% Botanical Disinfectants. Many businesses may not realize that using the wrong cleaning products and chemicals can be hazardous to customers’ and employees’ health. Bleach, for example, is not safe to use because its toxic when inhaled.  Some cleaning companies continue to use it on a large scale. Eco-certified chemicals reduce environmental impact. Certified chemicals indicate a product has undergone testing and auditing. Eco-friendly products improve the indoor environment which is crucial for every space whether it is an office, a building, hospital or any kind of premises. They improve the surroundings and are safe for health because the materials/ properties used are free of harmful chemicals and components. People are comfortable when they know they are not exposed to dangerous elements. Ensuring the use of safe, efficient, credible, and approved chemicals should be the priority for all professional cleaning companies.

Creating a culture that embraces sustainability is crucial when it comes to reaching energy efficiency goals. Making your workplace as environmentally-friendly as possible is a shared effort and Carter Benette Group is playing an active role. As a leader in professional janitorial services in both Toronto and across Canada, we take cleaning seriously. Are you looking to hire a professional commercial cleaning service to get the job done properly? Contact Carter Benette Group today for a free consultation on your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs.

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