Our People Process

When a business onboards employees, they expect efficiency and reliability while offering room for professional development and growth. Employees tend to feel satisfied when their efforts are recognized and when they are given the proper tools and methods for optimal performance. At Carter Benette, we pride ourselves on our culture of team play, personal development and group collaboration.

Learn more about our people process and how we facilitate and encourage professional growth while achieving business objectives:

Direct Control Of All Our Labour

How do we make sure our professional values and ethics are conveyed through our work and people? Our People Processes give us direct control of all our labour. We do not sub, sell or assign contracts. We do not use 3rd party companies or franchise out. We work directly with all our cleaners because we encourage responsiveness. Established Service Level Agreements (SLA) allow us to reach solutions faster without any unnecessary delays. This direct control of the contract ensures that the SLA is executed, that compliance is adhered to and that fair compensation is guaranteed.

Integrity That Promises Peace-of-mind

We are advocates for great business practices and absolute integrity in all our relationships as it impacts the environment, our customers, and our people. As a national provider of cleaning services, we uphold the highest standards for environmental stewardship, operational transparency, and an empowering organizational culture. Moreover, a good work culture is incomplete without affordability. That is why at CBG, we provide living wages above provincial minimums. Integrity is sewn into our work culture, and we aim to make sure our employees are satisfied with us.

Outcomes-based Performance Metrics

With a collaborative, customer-centric and engaged culture, we promise to keep the cleaning business simple, personalized and human. Understanding and learning about outcomes represent an opportunity for redefining customer satisfaction because it directly relates to business success. When outcomes are measured, it fosters improvement and the adoption of best practices. It also enables our employees to work in a healthy environment that promotes teamwork, relationship building and improved morale.

Psychographics of a Great Cleaner

Employee training and development are essential to success of a business. These programs offer opportunities for staff to improve their skills and for employers to enhance productivity and work culture. We use our Psychographics of a Great Cleaner profiler® to screen all our cleaners carefully. This 40 point grading system scrutinizes the personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles of all candidates. Its objective is to find cleaners of the highest integrity, character and commitment. We believe a fully engaged worker delivers the highest performance and looks for more opportunities to grow. CBG is a talent-centric culture. We look for and develop the best. We invest in our people by providing tools and support they need to succeed and grow. We provide the following tools for professional growth:

  • Pictogram-Based Logbooks
  • On-demand Training Video Channel
  • 1-Minute to W.o.W. ™ Training
  • Profit Sharing programmes
  • Paid Training and Development Courses

In addition to providing training that supports effective learning tools, interpersonal communication and keeping track of employee communications help us identify opportunities for further improvement.

A Culture of Service

At The Carter Benette Group, we strive to be leaders in innovative and adaptive solutions and we make it possible for our employees and workers to believe in the same. We offer a complete well-rounded culture of service that has proven successful with tried and tested methodologies. With cutting-edge solutions such as Mobile Cleaner Dial-In App, Web-Based Psychographic of a Great Cleaner Profiler© Form and State-of-the-art equipment including electrostatic foggers, UV light sterilizers, Imaging technology for microbial contamination, we arm our employees with the best tools and strategies.

At Carter Benette, we take our professional values and employee satisfaction very seriously. Do you need more information about our services or our processes? Visit our website or call us at 1 (888) 588-2188.

The Carter Benette Group