Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips for Businesses Affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With so many businesses reopening and some employees choosing a hybrid work model, the need for a clean and hygienic office is more important than ever. Maintaining a sanitized workplace is now critical to helping fight the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, some companies were affected by a breakout. If your office or facility experienced an outbreak, you may have already taken the necessary precautions. The first step in helping contain the spread of coronavirus is to use the right protective equipment and to take the necessary steps to clean and disinfect surfaces.

Here is how a professional cleaning company can help maintain cleanliness if a business has been affected by an outbreak:


The most important distinction that a professional cleaning company knows if the one between deep cleaning and disinfection. Deep cleaning means removing dirt and impurities from surfaces while disinfecting refers to killing germs with the appropriate chemicals. A critical-level of cleaning is required to ensure the safety and protection of customers and employees, especially when it comes to disinfecting a workplace. Professional cleaners who perform disinfection and pandemic cleaning are trained using the recommended guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces.

Proper tools and chemicals

A professional janitorial company is armed with the right tools and techniques needed for proper disinfection and cleaning. Approved chemicals and ULV electrostatic foggers and sprayers are used to kill the germs, bacteria and other harmful allergens. The cleaners come with the appropriate personal protective equipment including N95 masks and full overalls, so everyone’s safety is ensured. You can schedule one-time, daily, weekly or monthly cleaning sessions to ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

Focus on high touch-points

The virus that causes COVID-19 can land on surfaces and leads to a higher chance of spreading. For example, doorknobs are one of the most common high touchpoints in an office, business facility or a retail space. Any time a person touches the doorknob, they are exposed to the dangers of contracting the disease if they touch their nose, mouth or eyes after that. The most reliable way to prevent infection is to get a thorough cleaning session done. High touch areas can include doorknobs, armchairs, elevator buttons, telephones, stair railings, washroom surfaces or watercolor handles.

It is crucial to do everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And that means enforcing the use of protective equipment and safety gear such as masks for everyone. It also means strictly following procedures for handwashing, cleaning and disinfecting frequently throughout the day. Keeping the environment clean and safe is key to preventing the spread. Professional janitorial and cleaning services are well-equipped with the right tool and knowledge to provide disinfection services.

At Carter Benette Group, we are always there for you. When there is an emergency that requires a prompt response, we can dispatch a team within the hour to disinfect, clean and sanitize. At Carter Benette, our cleaners who perform disinfection and pandemic cleaning are trained using the recommended guidelines provided by Health Canada for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces. If you want to ensure workplace hygiene and cleanliness, get in touch with us! Visit our website or call us at 1 (888) 588-2188.


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