4 Reasons Why Sterilization and Disinfection Is Important 

Hygiene and maintaining cleanliness play an important role when it comes to reducing the risk of infections. How can we keep ourselves and others safe from the bacteria that lead to diseases? One can never be too sure about which area or surface is contaminated so it is better to rely on stringent cleaning processes. 

Here is why you need a professional cleaning company for all your sterilization and disinfection needs:

Eradicate Pathogens 

Whether it is a laboratory, hospital or clinic, different types of pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites can spread easily. Proper sterilization helps get rid of body fluids, allergens, bacteria, and other harmful substances. Throughout the day, due to regular work activity or people going in and out of the building, a lot of harmful substances can just sit on surfaces. They can also spread through several ways, including through contaminated soil, water, or food. Disinfecting regularly helps keep commonly touched surfaces clean and sanitized.

Maintain hygiene 

For any kind of business facility, maintaining standards of hygiene and sterilization is very important. Safety is key not just for business owners but their management, customers, clients, visitors and employees. Stringent cleaning methods help maintain hygiene and a professional cleaning company knows how to comply with the cleaning standards for optimum results. While it is a good practice to use sanitizer before touching any of these high-touch surfaces, regular and scheduled commercial cleaning services can help maintain hygiene. A professional cleaning company uses proper disinfectants and cleaning chemicals to maintain a clean space and to prevent cross-contamination.


Proper contamination and sterilization is the key to a safe environment. A comprehensive cleaning process ensures disinfection with the right use of approved chemicals and tools such as ULV electrostatic foggers and sprayers. These are used to kill germs, bacteria and other harmful allergens. Viruses sit on surfaces that are most commonly touched, for example, doorknobs, windows, elevator buttons or stair railings. Regular disinfection prevents the spread and contributes to a safer environment.

Prevents Illnesses 

Complete hygiene is crucial when it comes to preventing the spread of illnesses such as the common cold and flu. Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization leads to a more hygienic life. Other ways one can prevent the spread of illnesses is by adopting best practices such as washing hands frequently, disinfecting commonly touched areas frequently, wiping down doorknobs and being courteous of others if one is sick. If someone contracts a virus like the flu, it is important to be vigilant about not spreading it.

Are you looking to sanitize, disinfection and sterilize your work facility? All CBG cleaners who perform disinfection and pandemic cleaning are trained using the recommended guidelines provided by Health Canada for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces. We are well stocked with disinfection chemicals that can help ensure your office, facility or store is clean, sanitized, and disinfected with the right tools and industry-approved chemicals. Are you looking to hire a professional commercial cleaning service? Contact Carter Benette Group today for a free consultation on your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs.

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