Deep Cleaning and Sanitization of a Warehouse 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live and work. For property and facility managers operating warehouses there are concerns about the hygiene and cleanliness of the workspace. Keeping a warehouse clean is as important as keeping an office or facility clean. And because warehouses are huge places, it is often a struggle to support optimal cleanliness with many people and shipments going in and out.

Here is why it’s important to hire a professional cleaning company for warehouse cleaning:

Deep cleaning 

A warehouse needs regular cleaning and deep cleaning to kill most germs, viruses, and bacteria using the proper sanitization and cleaning processes. Business owners can schedule weekly or monthly cleaning sessions with the janitorial company. Warehouses tend to build up dirt and grime quickly and that results in affecting productivity. Many workers can be allergic to dust and other allergens found in warehouses. A clean warehouse can lead to higher efficiency, productivity, and safety.


A professional cleaning company has the expertise it takes to provide proper services. For example, specific materials need targeted treatments to clean them thoroughly. Hard surfaces such as floorings, stairs, railings, shelves, and walkways will need not just vacuuming but disinfection techniques as well. Soft surfaces such as rugs, carpets, furniture, or drapes may require a dry yet soft-bristled brush before being vacuumed. Some machinery in the warehouse could need specific cleaning protocols. An experienced janitorial company knows how to clean the most difficult-to-reach places.

Proper attention

To clean a warehouse or other holding facility properly, cleaners need to give attention to high-traffic areas such as doorknobs, railings, desks, faucets, or sinks. Cleaning the grime with potent chemicals allows for proper cleaning and disinfecting can help guard against harmful germs and bacteria. Professional cleaners know that they have to follow the cleaning protocols to reach optimal results. For example, they need to rigorously follow instructions on sterilant and disinfectants. Some cleaning products may need to stay on the surface for a few minutes to be truly useful.

Deep cleaning of a warehouse or facility is a necessity to maintain a productive, safe and efficient environment for the employees and business owners. Scheduling a deep cleaning of the warehouse can help ensure the hygiene and safety of employees. And now, more than ever it is essential to keep our surroundings germ and bacteria-free.

All CBG cleaners who perform disinfection and pandemic cleaning are trained using the recommended guidelines provided by Health Canada for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces (COVID-19). We are well stocked with Covid-19 disinfection chemicals that can help ensure your office, facility or store is clean, sanitized, and disinfected with the right tools and industry-approved chemicals. Are you looking to hire a professional commercial cleaning service? Contact Carter Benette Group today for a free consultation on your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs.


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