Commercial Cleaning: Top 3 Benefits of Service Level Agreements

Before discussing the benefits of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs, it is important to summarize what SLA means. A Service Level Agreement is an agreement between two parties. It describes the responsibilities of the cleaning company and lists all the essential actions for which a cleaner is responsible and accountable. A well-drafted SLA has many benefits.

Here are the top 3 benefits of creating a detailed service level agreement with your commercial cleaning and janitorial company:

Result-oriented services

Every business has its own unique needs and cleaning requirements. A warehouse facility will have a different scope of work that needs to get done and an office will have a different set of tasks. It is imperative to have a clear-cut process management flow in place. By following the SLA, a cleaning company will have clearly outlined goals to help them reach result-oriented services.

Clearly defined goals

An SLA will help you determine the performance of the cleaning company. Some of the biggest problems are caused by miscommunication. An SLA helps achieve a good level of understanding of the methodology and processes. A service level agreement establishes an understanding not just between the service provider and the customer, but it also helps the staff. A detailed agreement helps the cleaning company summarize the main points, so their staff has a better understanding of the cleaning requirements and protocols.

Emergency services

Choosing the right type of cleaning service with the right company is a huge commitment for most businesses. Maybe you have already chosen one but are you sure they will be there when needed, especially during an emergency? Adding details about emergency services in the SLA will help you define clear expectations. Whether it’s cleaning and sanitization in a medical facility, or construction cleaning in an office or warehouse, an emergency requires a prompt response. Make sure the SLA includes this level of detail and outlines all expectations.

Transparency, communication, and consistency are important when defining values, goals, and mechanisms through a Service Level Agreement for your commercial cleaning and janitorial services. Get what you expect!

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