Important Surfaces to Clean in Workplace

When it comes to everyday cleaning, some of the most obvious places and areas can be neglected. It is easy to neglect many of the small areas and spots that become hot spots for bacteria and germs. During COVID-19, it has become more important than ever to maintain a clean and hygienic surrounding. Whether it is an office, retail space, or home, it is essential to keep important surfaces clean and sanitized.

Here are some of the most important surfaces that need regular disinfection:


A keyboard is one of the most touched and used items in the office. Employees work on their desks all day long and keyboards do not get the attention they deserve, especially when it comes to cleaning them regularly. Some people also find it complicated to clean a keyboard because it is hooked to the computer and difficult to move around. But using compressed air, spraying between the tight spots can help clean out dust, debris, and dirt. A professional cleaning knows all the right methods to clean even the hard-to-reach spots.


Although many people use their mobile phones throughout the day, office phones are also commonly used to arrange meetings or calls. Customer service representatives use office phones the most and it is important to keep their areas hygienic and clean. People also touch their faces unconsciously which means germs can easily be transferred from hands to the face. Disinfecting phones regularly can help guard against unnecessary problems.


Photocopiers may not be used as frequently as phones, but they also tend to accumulate a lot of dust, germs, and bacteria. A professional cleaning company knows how to clean the most valuable equipment because they train their staff to do what is required. All these detailed spaces and spots are difficult to maintain that is why it is essential to get regular cleaning done.


Are your employees working from home? Do they come to the office a few days a week? With the hybrid working model that has come into effect due to COVID-19, work schedules may have changed but keeping surroundings clean is more important than ever. Office blinds gather a lot of dust, debris, and germs. Blinds may come in different sizes and materials, but a professional cleaner knows how to clean them thoroughly.


Whether it is retail space or office, one of the most touched surfaces is a doorknob. People open and close doors all the time without thinking twice. Sometimes they are on the phone and touch the knob without a second thought or caution. Doorknobs, handles, and locks should not be neglected during cleaning because they are the most common spots where bacteria and germs are transferred between people.

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